How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Frequent Flier Miles

While I realize that we are all anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court Decision on health care, which should be coming any minute, I am going to share an article that will help us all get away once the dust settles. Unfortunately, writing about the health care law would feel a little bit too much like my day job.

I have no doubt that I will do that at some point, but for today, I am going to write about travel, my first love. Suffice it to say that we have an intractable health care problem in this country and I hope we find a way for more people to get affordable health care.

With that said, an article in the New York Times about services to help make frequent flier miles more user-friendly intrigued me. In our house, we look for every opportunity to obtain frequent flier miles. Heck, I would even pay a little more for an item if I knew I was getting miles in return.

And we use them. We have even racked up enough miles to fly first class to Argentina – more than once! And I will tell you, for an overnight flight, it is worth every mile. Instead of stumbling to our destination and falling into bed for a nap, we awoke refreshed and ready to enjoy the day.

It can be complicated to use frequent flier miles, as there are often restrictions and blackout dates. The services in this article are meant to help consumers ensure that they can find a way to get the most out of their miles.

I don’t know; I haven’t found it to be so complicated to use miles – perhaps I should have started one of these agencies myself! The agencies charge fees in the ballpark of $150. I thought the point of using frequent flier miles was to save money!

What do you think? Do you accumulate frequent flier miles? Have you had trouble using them? Would you use one of these services? If you have used one of these services, what was your experience? Do you have any exciting frequent flier travel coming up? If so, where are you going?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading.


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13 responses to “How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Frequent Flier Miles

  1. Elisa

    We live in Delta’s largest hub, Atlanta, so we rack up the Delta miles. Their Skymiles program is pretty good with lots of options are available as long as you make the award reservation way in advance. Otherwise they charge double the points to get a seat…that part I don’t like!

    • That is terrible! We rack up American miles. Amounts change based on time of year, but we have even booked last minute and still just used the mileage chart. Maybe those are the kind of things these services try to help get around. Thanks for reading and weighing in!

  2. I haven’t been on a plane for more than 7 years now! Just can’t afford it at the moment but someday I’d like to go to Ireland with my husband. Some sacred places there. I had the opportunity to go many years ago but for health reasons was unable and when I was stationed in Germany we just didn’t get there.

  3. The last year at the firm, I logged over 250,000 air miles…I felt like George Clooney, but he’s cuter. So…when I retired I had a lot of miles (United was our primary carrier)…We have put them to good use…for our travel, the kids, etc…

  4. We don’t travel enough to rack up ‘frequent flyer’ miles. We do get points every time we use our VISA that we’ve turned into travel miles three times, now. The first time, we got almost $500 off our trip to Disney World. The second time, we had all our hotels covered when we drove to the west coast and back. The third time, we had a good percentage of our return flight to Alberta, car rental and hotel rentals paid – a total of almost $1200. 🙂

  5. I have gone to Europe on miles a couple of times, but it seems to me that it is getting harder to redeem them. The photo at the top of this post is stunningly beautiful!

    • Maybe that is why these services are popping up now. That photo is not mine, but I thought it was gorgeous! I am still learning how to find good photos for my posts. If you have any tips, please share!! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!

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