Pies Across America: Happy Fourth of July!

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Today is the day; the day is finally here,
Time for grilled brats, and burgers and beer.
Running through sprinklers could be fun,
Especially when the thermometer reads one hundred and one!

A day to celebrate the independence of our nation,
But for most, just a much-needed vacation.
The middle of the summer when days are long,
The Star Spangled Banner sings an old familiar song.

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Laughing with friends, going for a swim,
Eating and drinking too much, the next day’s for the gym.
Swinging in a hammock, reading a good book,
Maybe going for a hike and sitting by a brook.

That’s the beauty of a day of rest, especially the 4th of July.
But really one of the best parts has to be the PIE!

Now that you are hungry, here is a great article about pies across America: American pie: slicing across the country

Happy 4th of July!


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15 responses to “Pies Across America: Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Happy 4th of July to you!

  2. And to you!! It’s predicted to be 99 degrees and about the same humidity today here in Southwest Minnesota. We’ll probably stay inside in the air conditioning! Have fun.

  3. Love the peace rose…unless it is something else I need humble pie 8)

  4. Loved the poem, looking forward to a bbq later today myself!

  5. Loved the Peace Rose and the pies! I just took my traditional on out of the oven. Happy 4h!

  6. Hope you are having a great holiday. I am sitting at the computer now but I am distracted by the aroma of the BBQ ribs my brothers are preparing 🙂

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