For those of you who are not following Truth and Cake, you really should. She has only been blogging for three months and has already been Freshly Pressed twice! Her posts are insightful, humerous and highly entertaining. I hope you will check her out. She was recently Freshly Pressed for the second time and developed this blog post in response, which I think is a brilliant idea, so I thought I would pass it along so others can participate. I hope you will join in! I probably should have posted this: or this: or this: or this: but I got so excited that I just posted the first one that came to mind. I hope you will join in!

Truth and Cake

Why, hello! I see a lot of pretty new faces out there. Thanks for checking out my post about social media and signing up to follow Truth and Cake. Welcome to my party for you. Getting Freshly Pressed is a lot of fun because it introduces me to so many amazing new people. I’ve been lucky enough to have it happen twice since I started this little old blog just over three months ago, and I want to share some of that love with you.
One of the unfortunate things about blogging is that a lot of really talented people pour their heart and souls into creative, well-written posts on a regular basis, only to hit publish and then…..crickets. Nada. Without an audience, some really great posts go virtually unnoticed. While the cream eventually rises to the top, it can take a very long time for people to…

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  1. Dear News.
    You are fantastic.
    I wrangled in a few new followers today!!!
    Thanks so much for letting me know about this opportunity!
    P.S. I also found some great blogs!!!
    Love, Lisa

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