Travel Theme: Food

Where’s My Backpack’s Travel Theme this week is – one of my favorite things – food! So, without further delay, here are some of my favorite food photos:


Home, sweet home

With my Dad
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Patagonia, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Handmade Pasta: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

An unbelievable, but typical dispay of meats in Buenos Aires
Copyright JC Politi Photography

El Cuartito Pizza, Buenos Aires aka the best pizza in the world!
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Remote Village in Nicaragua

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Local Bakers in remote Nicaraguan Village
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Copyrght JC Politi Photography


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33 responses to “Travel Theme: Food

  1. “What do you think?” I think that you have a great life, a great father, and definitely know how to sniff out the best places for culinary pleasures!
    Nice addition to the food-theme challenge!

  2. One of the best things about traveling – food! Sharing food with family is good too!

  3. Yum! Looks like a great trip!

  4. Let me guess: as a former Baltimore girl you love soft-shelled crabs!! I tried one once and nearly barfed. What am I missing!!??

    • Actually, I am CRAZY about hard-shell, but the soft shell ones never did it for me, although I have plenty of family and friends who love the soft shell ones. But the beauty of hard shell crabs is indescribable. There is something about the process o getting to the meat and getting old bay into the cuts created by the crabs – that sting is the best kind of pain…I can’t describe it. And the meat is amazing and it is always accompanied by a bunch of people and a bunch of beer and it is messy and wonderful. I couldn’t love it more. By the way, once a Baltimore girl, always a Baltimore girl! 🙂

  5. Looks like a great food trip!

  6. Amazing photos of amazing food. I’m trying to decide if I want the crabs, pasta, bread or all of the above. I think we both know what the answer is….
    The hands of the old woman could certainly tell a story.

  7. Oooo, you’re making me hungry! I shouldn’t have read this so close to dinner time! lol

    I’m also a little jealous of all the places you’ve been. Best that you get to do all that traveling while you’re young! 🙂

  8. Fantastic series of photos, I am mesmerized by the bakers in Nicaragua, wonderful shots. And I love the one of you and your dad 🙂

  9. cocoaupnorth

    Love the 2nd pic, looks like a crab festival:-)

  10. Jennifer Worrell

    The crabs are my favorite

  11. Great photos! Perfect for the theme, and I feel like I just took a little trip.

  12. That pizza looks lovely! What was in it? Onions, presumably…?

  13. Back at ya hon! I totally agree about the Old Bay sting in the fingers…

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