Canon Photography in the Parks and You Are Invited to a Photo Blog Party!

Copyrght JC Politi Photography

Yesterday, a neighbor told me about an exciting opportunity for budding photographers to take free digital photo walks in National Parks with professional photographers who will offer tips and strategies to improve photography skills. Participants can borrow Canon equipment for the walk or bring their own camera.

They will be in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado in two weeks and I will not not miss it. I can’t wait to share my photos here!

Invitation to a Photo Blog Party

I was inspired last week by Truth and Cake’s post Freshly Press Yourself, where Rian offered readers the opportunity to highlight their blogs and introduce there blog to new readers. You should check out the comments on her post when you have moment. I found a few wonderful new blogs to follow in the process.

While I do not have anywhere near the number of readers that Truth and Cake has, I loved the idea and would like to do something similar here.

What do you think? If you have a photo blog, I invite you to tell readers a bit about yourself, your style, and perhaps share your best photography tip in the comments. Then, I hope you will share your favorite post so that readers can go visit your blog to check out your work.

The only rule is that anyone who posts their blog for folks to see must go visit and comment on at least three others that posted here.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Before the class, just wait until after!
Copyright JC Politi Photography

I am excited to find a few new photographers to follow and hope we will have lots of fun with this. If readers have other things they would like to know from the photographers, feel free to include that in your comments as well.

I hope readers will consider forwarding this opportunity to your favorite photo blogs, so we can get a robust list going.

I will follow Truth and Cake’s template and pick three photo blogs that rose to the top to be highlighted in a future post.

I am excited to see what we come up with! Thank you for reading.

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46 responses to “Canon Photography in the Parks and You Are Invited to a Photo Blog Party!

  1. I have no photographic ability whatsoever!! But I’m really excited to hear what your visit yields!!

  2. I’m not a photographer in the sense of the word, but I love taking photos, polaroids of moments shared and lived. I too am curious to see what is posted. I may look at what I have to see if something surfaces that, while not professional or even knowing amateur, will highlight my philosophy of putting what I love in the frame.

  3. sounds like fun – I’ve always wanted to take a photography class!

  4. I started my blog, Serenity In The City, after years of hearing that it’s hard to find serenity in the cacophony that New York City appears to be. I finally remembered that my cell phone has a camera and decided to share what I see in my every day life in NYC. My only photographic advice is: take pictures of whatever catches your eye with whatever equipment you have. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what shows up on the screen once I upload my pictures to the computer!

    Occasionally, I write something on a another blog. When I do, I put a link inviting you to visit, if you’re so inclined. This is a recent post that catches the vibe of my blog, and lets you experience some of my writing as well as pictures:

    I hope you enjoy your visit, and I look forward to visiting you!

    Thanks, JC for this great idea! I’m enjoying your posts and look forward to visiting your other friends!

    All the best, Margarita

  5. I’m so glad you are going to participate in this project. I always LOVE your photos and I am very surprised to hear you say you have no training. You have a great eye. I await your creative genius.

    • :-))))))))))))) Now you KNOW that you just mae my year, right? Thank you so much – kinder words were never said! Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to go. And I think I am going to finally invest in a good camera too…baby steps. This has been a passion for a long time, so it is exciting to find myself taking it more seriously. Thanks again!!!

  6. Speaking of checking out comments on Truth and Cake.. – it’s exactly how I came across your blog:) I am not a photographer, though, but the idea of photo blog party is definitely a good one:)

    • Thank you!!! I loved her idea so much. I hope a few folks will add their blogs, but even if they don’t it is fun to have a photo blog party!! Maybe photo blogs get more attention than us lowly writer-blogs. 😉 We were ready to dive into the challenge, weren’t we?

  7. I started my blog a couple of months ago with the intent on exploring life and I realized, this is also the place to work on my photography. Every picture on my blog was taken by me – so blogs are devoted only to photography. This is an entry about the wildflowers in California that you may enjoy. Thank you for putting this out on your blog. I’ve enjoyed the postings. Next year I am def going to do one of those Canon trips.

    Namaste, Joie

    • Thanks so much for the comment and for leaving your blog address. I’m going to go check it out right now and I hope others will do the same! Thanks. Again for the comment!

  8. Dear News,
    I do not have a photo blog…but I have some faves.
    Could I mention them….and give their links? ?
    I benefitted so much from Freshly Press Yourself.
    I’d like to pay it forward.

  9. Ooh, what a great idea – kudos to Canon for doing this – I can’t wait to see your Rocky Mountain photos – I would absolutely join in but I’m going to be on the road during the entire run of these workshops, going coast to coast…to coast. Next year for sure. And the Freshly Press Yourself idea is brilliant – so true – there are many many bloggers out there just waiting to be discovered. xxx

  10. Thanks so much Lisa, for listing me here in your comment! Anyone who wants to find check out a blog with great pictures and wonderful stories along, check out her blog Carr Party of five at

    Also, while the name might be quite common, his pictures are not, have a visit over at John Smith’s photographies at

  11. How happy I am that I “found” you in my Inbox this morning! This is a fabulous initiative by the National Parks and I’m sure if I ferret around I’ll be able to find something similar in this country. Meanwhile, I’ve bookmarked this page and I’ll be back.

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  14. India’s first travel stock photography website (

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