Olympics Closing Ceremony: Boom or Bust?

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – David Holt

As a follow up to my post at the beginning of the Olypmics, I thought I would do a post to see what you all thought about the closing cermonies.

Whenever the Olympics end, I feel like a hole has been left and something is missing. I was thinking about what I will miss now that the Olympics are over.

A few things I will miss:

The inspiring stories of the athletes and how they got to the Olympics

The photos of the athletes when they were kids

The Visa commercials after a US athlete wins an award

The Moms and other family members

The antics of Usain Bolt

Seeing Kate Middleton cut loose

The Phelps – Lockte rivalry

The beautiful photos of the London Bridge with the Olympic rings

Watching runners who look like they are on a fast forward video

The celebrations of all things British

Ryan Seacrest…well, maybe not that last one

What do you think? What did you think of the closing ceremonies? What were your favorite moments in the Olympics? What will you miss? What won’t you miss?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading!



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29 responses to “Olympics Closing Ceremony: Boom or Bust?

  1. There is something of a feeling of loss after the closing ceremony for each Olympics possibly due to the need to wait for another four years and not having to think about what to watch on TV for two weeks. I had a similar feeling of let down in Sydney, but managed to prolong the Olympic feeling by going to the Paralympics, events and closing ceremony. I am really looking forward to watching the Paralympics which takes atheleticism to yet another level.

    • Wow. That must have been amazing! I would love to see the paralympics. I am not sure they show it on TV here. We were just discussing that last night. Thanks so much for the comment!

  2. I just watched parts of the closing ceremonies…and liked it for the most part. I missed the opening ceremonies this time since we were away that week with no tv, so I can’t compare. One thing I love about the closing ceremonies is how all the nations walk as one, and that there is mention that the world is one, even if just for one night. I will miss the Olympics – it rallies us together, gives us something to focus on as a whole – we are all supporting the same thing, regardless of our other viewpoints. As a family, I love it because we all watch the same thing together and come together on the same page for these two weeks. Great post – thanks for the inspiration to reflect on this. But I am bummed..I missed the part where Kate Middleton cut loose…! 🙂

    • Ha! Cutting loose is a relative term. 😉 I agree, it is great that the countries walk together. I was sad to see the cauldron recede into separate countries again because it feels like there is so much separation in everyday life that I wished it had stayed together. I suppose that is silly, but that is really what I find most inspiring about the Olympics – the unity – and I guess that is what I am sad to see end. Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. First off I am British, and the Olympics made me proud to be so.

    I missed the opening ceremony, and after what I was told, I was not going to miss the closing ceremony. For the most part, I enjoyed it. There were just a couple of bits that I didn’t like but there again, that would always be the case for everyone. I had two friends on Facebook who were commenting through the ceremony, one complaining, and one praising – disliking some of the parts that I did as well.

    I can understand why Jessie J and the other two sang together – they are part of the British music now for the younger kids. Jessie with Queen was WRONG! I think they should have had Freddie singing on a screen with the band. Why George Michael???? Someone else – ANYONE else would have been better.

    • You are so right – there are going to be things that some people like and others don’t. I suppose all the young athletes wouldn’t even recognize most of the Bristish music I love. We wished that Pink Floyd would have gotten together for this event. And it seemed strange to have no Elton John. But for the most part, I loved it too. Thanks so much for reading and for your comment!

  4. Sorry, I didn’t get to see the ending ceremony of the olympics. However, the most rememorable thing about this year’s olympics to me was to see the young man continue his run in the race after his leg suffered a fracture. I know it had to be painful, but he had pure discipline and courage to continue running and finish the race. Also, the other man that ran with no feet…he out ran a lot of his competitors. And, who could ever forget little miss Douglas who won gold for her gymnist field?

    • Absolutely. Those were some beautiful stories and examples of dogged perserverence. And the athlete who was shot in both legs in 2009??? THat story really got to me. So many tears. I love it! Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. The closing ceremony ROCKED! The hologram of Freddy Mercury was amazing (should of let him sing the rest), Brian May on guitar…holla, Annie Lenox ..woot, John Lennon’s Imagine…chills…LOVED IT ALL!

    • Me too – almost all at least. Imagine was my favorite and STOMP!! If you haven’t seen that live and they ever come to your area, you must go!!! It is amazing!!!! Thanks so much for reading and for your comment!

  6. I have blogged about the Olympics (as you know!). But I skipped the closing ceremonies. I am not big on spectacle. But I love athletics and there were moments that I cherished and I will miss watching them (and my son urged me to count the medals, which I did in spite of myself!).

    • Ha! I didn’t count the medals, but my husband did. He was just hoping the US would stay ahead of China. But I will miss the Olympics in our house – so much inspiration and a show of such skill and dedication. I just love it! Thanks for the comment, Hugh!

  7. I was painting the kitchen when the opening ceremonies started — my beloved was watching and I had to stop and join him — they were pure spectacle, and fun! though…. little can compare to the birds, aka flying bicycles, in the opening ceremonies.

    I find smiles and the pure emotion of the atheletes during it all compelling and inspiring.

    Loved it!

  8. When they started Imagine with the childrens choir and just that whole segment….I cried. For so many years we’ve been singing that song and I’m still hoping for that reality. The Olympics gives the world a glimpse of what it could be.

  9. I missed the Closing Ceremonies, but did find myself watching events more this year. I must confess the most moving piece was the one which Tom Brokaw noted how the Brits withstood the Nazi Battle of Britain and relentless bombing for a year and a half before the US entered the WWII. To see a man about age 80 tear up remembering how is mom and dad were killed in a direct bomb shelter hit leaving him and his 7 year old brother – whew. Churchill is on a very short list of the greatest leaders and the gritty Brits should be well commended for what they did for the world by standing up to Hitler.

  10. It would have been great to have included Tom Jones, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Adele…. but heck, we had The Who!
    Freddie Mercury was a touch of genius and a tribute to Amy Winehouse would have been perfect.
    Great games, great Olympians and hopefully this has encouraged a generation of future Bolts, Phelps and Farrahs!

  11. I enjoyed the Closing Ceremonies but kept waiting to see some Led Zeppelin piece in the music. 🙂 Iam going to miss the celebration of all things British, particularly the quirkishness that was so much fun in this Olympics.

  12. I confess that I only watched part of the opening, missed the closing entirely and didn’t watch much in between. However, I will miss it as being something positive between countries and unity of the human spirit. I will miss the interviews from London as I love anything British.

  13. Every 4 years, I miss the Olympics after they’re over. I’m a night owl and as I’d write I’d look at the clock, knowing at that minute there were athletes striving, hoping, swimming, running, and dancing at that very moment.
    The closing ceremonies seemed chaotic to me. Not the same storyline continuity that the opening ceremony had. But as Mondrak points out…we each have our favorite bits.
    I’m with you, perhaps the story of how each athlete got there was the best of all. (Along with those Tide commercials which showed the emotions in a mother’s face as she welled up with pride and wishes for her child.)

  14. Great post, and some wonderful comments here. (The Olympic rings were hanging from Tower Bridge, by the way, but everybody outside of GB refers to it as London Bridge!) I agree with you about Pink Floyd and Elton John, who ought to have been part of the closing ceremony, along with the likes of John Lennon and Stomp. I enjoyed Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony a lot more than what took place on Sunday evening. The choice of music was far better, and it said much more about Britain than the somewhat disappointing and largely meaningless mixture that brought to a conclusion what had been a brilliant two weeks of outstanding achievements. This is what happens when you ask showbiz people to put on a show, whereas a bona fide artist like Mr Boyle brought insight and enlightenment to the proceedings, telling us things we didn’t even know or had forgotten about ourselves. It’s very heartwarming to know that people right around the world enjoyed the Olympics and the sights and sounds of Britain as much as we did at home. GF

    • Ha! Thanks for the education. I think Britain did a smash-up job with the whole affair! 😉 Thanks o much for your comment. I preferred the opening cermonies as well. Thanks again!!

  15. Great post! I’m new to the blogosphere and just written my first post on the London Olympics, be great to get some feedback/followers!

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