Photos Galore! Travel Photo of the Year Contest, Travel Theme – Silhouette, Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

I love the juxtaposition of the photo challenges this week, at least in my photos.

Where’s My Backpack’s Travel Theme this week is Silhouette. You should really go check out her spectacular photos. She has definitely inspired me to take more photos of silhouettes. My silhouette photos are mostly found in nature, but after looking at Ailsa’s photos, I may need to change that.

Here are some of my favorite silhouette photos:

Patagonia, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Patagonia, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Urban. Most of my photos are of nature, but I was able to unearth a few urban ones, a few of which which I am sharing here:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Phototgraphy

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Baltimore, MD
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Baltimore, MD
Copyright JC Politi Photography

Please don’t forget to vote in the Bucket List Publications Travel Photo of the Year Contest! There are 18 finalists and I have some stiff competition. I would love your help!

Perito Moreno Glacier – Patagonia, Argentina
Copyright JC Politi Photography

You can vote every day for the next few days. All you have to do is go to see all the finalists and click on this picture and click “like” or share to mark it as your favorite! You can send it to friends and family to encourage them to vote though Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and lots of other ways. It would mean a lot to get your vote!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading!

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54 responses to “Photos Galore! Travel Photo of the Year Contest, Travel Theme – Silhouette, Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

  1. Thanks for the pingback. Much appreciated

  2. I love the one from Baltimore — with the stained glass windows behind the wrought iron fence. Stunning!

  3. These are so beautiful! I love the silhouettes of the trees making their way up – or down – the cliff. Gorgeous! And the pictures of Buenos Aires bring to mind the Caracas I grew up in so many, many years ago! xoxoM

  4. I voted! Can you see how close it is?

  5. Lovely photos…. and thanks for the pingbacks! 🙂

  6. Argentina looks special, and that Baltimore glass one too. So many photo challenges at present, I get giddy.

  7. Amy

    Beautiful Argentina! Great silhouette shots!

  8. Thanks for the pingback. Love your stuff.

  9. Nice collection. Thanks for the pingback!

  10. the first and second for silouette are my favorites, and i think #2 wins my vote1

  11. Thanks for the pingback, it’s appreciated. All the shots are lovely, but I especially love the silhouette’s from Patagonia, striking.

  12. jakesprinter

    Great work my friend 🙂

  13. jakesprinter

    Excellent post 🙂

  14. The silhouette’s are my favorites. Thanks for the pings.

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  16. Fantastic photos collection. Thank you very much for the pingback

    • Thank you!!!!! And of course!! 😉

      • carrie – so true. once you have a child life is forever cgnehad. what’s funny is I never expected the things that come along with it. like the mommy club . every mother is in it. and even if you don’t have anything else in common with another mom you at least both know about being mommies. oh and the constant worry of am I good enough? am I the best parent I can be or will every mistake I make along the road be what causes every issue for them as adults? I have that nightmare all the time sister! but you know what, when I look at moms like you and me, we are at home with our kids 90% of the time and they have warm safe homes with plenty to eat and clean water to bathe in, we are doing pretty good. there are a lot of very unlucky kids around the world. and what’s so sad is it’s not like the mothers choose to not provide, they just can’t. how helpless that must be. ok I have totally went off on in a mommy moment right now! I’ll shut-up, in short I FEEL YA:)

  17. all great images but I love the first one – it is like a stairway of trees up to the heavens

  18. More great photos. God luch with the contest.

  19. I apologize for my error. I tried to correct it but I couldn’t do it in time before the reply disappeared. Of course I ment to write good luck with the contest. 🙂

    • Ha! I think you probably know I am the very best at typos in my comments. 😉 Thanks for the comment!! Unfortunately, I didn’t win and neither did Katie. But we are still excited to have been finalists!! Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

  20. Excellent shots all… I love them; especially the colorful one. TY for the pingback! 😉

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  22. Congrats to all finalists (I loved your pics!) 🙂

  23. it was a quick, fun photo tour around the world

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