Photo Friday: Paris

Copyright JC Politi Photography
View from the Pompidou Museum

Paris – doesn’t just the word itself transport you to another world? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I fell in love with Paris at first glance. Yes, figuring out the metro system and where we needed to go was a challenge at first, but when we came out of the subway the first time, my jaw dropped.

We have all seen places that are described as “French-style”, so I was expecting beautiful architecture. But to see every single building with wrought-iron balconies as far as the eye could see – it is hard to describe. It is clear that beauty is simply the top priority in Paris, held in the very highest esteem.

I loved the cafes and the restaurants, the business-people and beautiful women on bikes, the churches, the plazas, the museums, the pastries, the music which seemed to be ever-present, the small boutiques, the bread shops, the cheese shops, the wine shops – I even loved the metro, which turned out to be easy to use and convenient to get us everywhere we wanted to go.

Copyright JC Politi Photography
View from our sidewalk restaurant in Montmartre

Montmartre had to be my favorite place. Even though it has become more commercialized, you could feel the bohemian energy all around. And while it was filled with tourists, I felt a kindred spirit with many of the tourists there who made the trip to seek out this bohemian enclave.

What I found so amazing about Paris was how charming and intimate it feels, despite its size. We did all the requisite tourist activities, but I would give anything to go back and skip all tourist areas and just get to know some of the neighborhoods. I will do that one day.

For this Photo Friday, I wanted to share some of my favorite Paris photos with you. I hope you enjoy the photos and are able to feel a little bit of the romance around every corner.

What do you think? Have you been to Paris? What was your favorite part? If you haven’t been, but would like to go, what would you look forward to most? Where is the most romantic place you have ever visited?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading!

Copyright JC Politi Photography
Plaza in Montmartre, Paris

Copyright JC Politi Photography
Stained Glass Window in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Copyright JC Politi Photography
The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Copyright JC Politi Photography
Birds in flight outside the Pomipdou Museum, Paris

Copyright JC Politi Photography
Paris, France

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39 responses to “Photo Friday: Paris

  1. LOVE the photos. The stairs offer a very dramatic image! But where is the golden arch? 😉

  2. I haven`t seen quite as lovely a photo of the Eiffel Tower. I love the how lacy you have portrayed it

  3. Love Edith Piaf! The pictures are stunning J! One day, perhaps I will see Paris too. The most romantic place I’ve ever been? Probably in my head! 🙂

  4. Great post! My favorite thing about Paris is Paris 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Thanks Jenni. I have never been and I am now wanting to jump on a plane. I absolutely love the steps taken from the sidewalk cafe. They are mysterious as well as inspiring. Great photo. BTG

  6. I love Piaf! And I probably would love Paris, but I only saw it on my way through — first to Turn, Italy and then on the way to Chartres. Both of those places were worth visiting (especially Chartres). But your photos will have to suffice for the time being. Thanks for sharing!

  7. these pics are stunning, they have to be some of the ebest holiday snaps i’ve ever seen 😀 i love how you have captured your own take on the best parts while still keeping with the traditional feel of the place.

    I am perhaps going to be heading out there for a few weeks at the start of the new year, do you have any recommendations as to where the best stops for a time-limited traveler might soak up some Parisian energy??

    such a gorgeous post, more pics please! 😀

    • Yay!!! Thank you so much! That really means a lot! Personally, I wouldn’t miss Montmartre. But I also would try to get to see the Eiffel Tower at night closer up, so maybe one evening, sunset and dinner in Monmartre and one evening closer to the Eiffel Tower. The energy is literally all around you no matter where you go. We stayed by the Saint Sulpice Church and I loved that area. I am not sure you can go wrong, just spend as much time there as you can!!

  8. Carrie Rubin

    I was an Au Pair girl in Paris many years ago, and I’ve been there a couple times since. Montmartre is one of my favorite places there, too. Love it!

  9. Beautiful photos Jenni..someday, I will get there and take some of my own photos!! 🙂 Glad you had such a lovely trip!

  10. Your photos are wonderful! Visiting Paris is on my bucket list. My husband’s Grandparents came from France, so it would be fun to see some of the places where they grew up, although his grandfather’s childhood home was destroyed in WWII.

  11. Wow Jenni – the pictures are magnificent, the Piaf song sublime…I am a fan of the Marais – I can wander the streets forever..You are so incredibly talented – I’m serious these are wow-worthy!!

  12. How fun! I recognized all the shots! J’adore Paris!!!

  13. Paris, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – but I don’t like it … because Paris don’t like their visitors, even if it has become a lot better the last years. Been in Paris about 10 times through my job .. and 3 times as private. Here is the link .. to my Paris. – have a great weekend.

  14. Great photos. I love Paris but have not been there for 30 years. brings back memories. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I’m so glad your posted these beautiful images. I really wanted to go to Paris this weekend! All of the images are incredible, but I am in awe of your view from the sidewalk restaurant of the stairs. No wonder French people are so skinny! Who could eat with all those beautiful distractions?

  16. I visited Paris many moons ago – visited Notre Dam (beautiful picture btw) and the Eiffel Tower. I have a bit of vertigo so walked down instead of using the elevator.

  17. Your photos are absolutely stellar!

  18. Would love to see Paris…closest I’ve come so far has been an old Edith Piaf CD I picked up and listen to on my drive time. Best place to dream of places you’d rather be…

    Have you ever seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris? I’m a huge WA fan – but if you love literature and love Paris, you’ll love this film.

    – J.

    • I have seen it, but I have to see it again now that I’ve been there. I also just finished reading the Paris Wife, which is also great. But Edith Piaf takes me back immediately as well! Thanks so muchg for reading and leaving a comment!!

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