Margarita is always on point, but no more so than today, so I had to share. And she is right – elections matter, but so does the day after. Get involved, stay involved and take your responsibility to engage in the political process seriously. Vamenos!

Inner Whispers

The election is over.  What now?

Now the relationship begins.  The communication.  The e-mails.  The phone calls. The snail mail.  The Tweets and FB updates.

“We The People” means just that:  it is the people of this country who have the power, the duty, the priviledge to guide those whom they elect to bring about a nation that embraces and reflects the diversity of its population.  That guidance cannot take place just once every two, four, or six years behind the privacy screens of the voting booths.  That guidance must be ongoing and can take place from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Here’s what we can all do, everyone who lives in this great nation, regardless of nationality, citizenship, voter registration status.  You live in this country, you have “skin in the game,” in the well-being and success of how this country is governed.  It’s as simple…

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  1. Yes, they certainly to matter the day after – and let’s hope those elected in both houses and as president do what they said they were do and what they were elected to do…

  2. Thanks, Jen. We can all do our little bit to make something great! xoM

  3. Sounds like great advice, no matter what country one lives in. 🙂

  4. I just sent off some emails to Washington. I needed more than a vote this year. Great job ladies!

  5. Thanks .. US for giving us the right man for … us out here in the rest of the world.

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