I Choose Hope – Reflections on the Election


Boulder Obama RallyCopyright JC Politi Photography

Boulder Obama Rally
Copyright JC Politi Photography

It has been a busy few weeks here at newsofthetimes, between Thanksgiving visitors and a conference I planned for work. We also had to respond to a media blitz in my day job that took up quite a bit of time and energy. This is why I haven’t really had the opportunity to do much more here than Tunes Tuesday posts and photo challenge posts over the past several weeks.

I haven’t had a moment to think much about, much less write about, the election results. But an article in the New York Times caught my eye today and gave me a moment to think about the meaning of the November 6th election results.

I made it clear that I supported Obama in the election, which I am sure, came as no surprise to people who have followed this blog. So, I was obviously pleased with the outcome of the Presidential race.

But I feel even more optimistic about the future of the country because of the results of the statewide initiatives.

While I recognize that the election was close and that there is no grand majority on either side of the political divide right now in terms of political candidates, I feel hopeful that voters chose to stand up for equality and fairness on November 6th.

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Copyright JC Politi Photography

I am hopeful that voters in more than one state voted to support GLBT communities in their quest for marriage equality.I am hopeful that President Obama won the presidential race despite the fact that he was clear about his intentions to ask the wealthy to pay more in taxes. Some may not call this an issue of equality, but I think that the obscene increase in CEO pay compared to workers’ pay makes this unquestionably an issue of basic fairness.

I am hopeful that the country appears to be headed toward a more equal and just society. The American people seem to hold a fundamental belief in the basic principle of equality and fairness.

Regardless of political party, I believe the American people will always choose to stand for the principles of fairness and equal opportunity when given the choice. And that makes me hopeful.

Am I wearing rose colored glasses? Perhaps. Have I been burned in the past for feeling so hopeful? Absolutely.  But today, I am choosing to feel hopeful.

Let me be clear – I have no illusions that getting through the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling debates will not be as difficult as ever. I know Congress will not magically become a high functioning body as a result of these elections.

But I believe that that people resoundingly chose equality and fairness on November 6th, and for that I am hopeful.

What do you think? Should I take off my rose-colored glasses? Do you see any reasons for hope from the November election or do you feel like the gridlock will continue in Washington? What did you take away from the election as lessons or important trends?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading.


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22 responses to “I Choose Hope – Reflections on the Election

  1. I was encouraged as well by the states votes and the knocking off of a few dinosaurs. Keep the glasses on. We need some optimism. Economy continues to turn and their is an investment in green energy that continues. If we can get the DC crowd to do what they are asked, we can move forward. Yet, even without them and other leaders, the world continues to reach across the country silos to transact communications and commerce. So, let’s be encouraged. Thanks, BTG

  2. Dear Jen, I think it’s the wearers of rose-colored glasses that help us move in a progressive fashion. Like you, what I see is that the American people are basically decent, fair, tolerant human beings. That they prefer to hover around the middle rather than any extremes. Best of all, the majority, for a change, was not silent! There’s always much work to be done in government, since government is for the many – not the few. I, too, am hopeful that the spirit of collaboration will prevail! xoxoM

  3. Great post! I bet it is interesting living in Colorado as isn’t it generally a red state? I agree that a lot of progress has been made an am relieved our state voted no to the constitutional ban on gay marriage. Much work left to do to brig the two sides and country together. Lets hope we can achieve results!

  4. Rose coloured glasses, contrary to beliefs actually allow you to see clearly 🙂 Even though it may seem naïve and possibly unrealistic, the world is full of idealists who work to rise above the fray and “view the glass as half full.” These idealists who view the world through rose-coloured glasses believe relationships are built on giving rather than taking. Now how can that be wrong

  5. Poor Obama inherited the biggest mess a president could have been dumped with, and he has done a remarkable job in spite of it. I LOVE that man, and feel that he was the only candidate running who really cared about EVERY citizen. He has a tough job ahead of him, but I cannot think of a man who is more capable.

  6. As outsiders, the posturing at the fiscal cliff edge seems so very childish. They were all elected by Americans and should be working for Americans, not their own petty agendas. Hope they sort it out soon.

  7. I’m a huge fan of hope. I wear my rose colored glasses everyday, they are so much better than those blinders.

  8. I always feel better after reading your blogs, Jen. Keep those glasses polished and keep insisting the glass is half full. I sincerely hope you are right.

    • I hope so too!!!!! And don’t worry, my glasses may get smudges, but they’ll never fully break. They have been seriously tested over the years and are still working for me. Thanks for reading, click Hugh!

  9. Keeping the fingerprints and smudges off my pair of rose-coloured. Thank you so much, Jen, for your insights, commentaries and pop-eyed optimism!!

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