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Pies Across America: Happy Fourth of July!

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Today is the day; the day is finally here,
Time for grilled brats, and burgers and beer.
Running through sprinklers could be fun,
Especially when the thermometer reads one hundred and one!

A day to celebrate the independence of our nation,
But for most, just a much-needed vacation.
The middle of the summer when days are long,
The Star Spangled Banner sings an old familiar song.

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Laughing with friends, going for a swim,
Eating and drinking too much, the next day’s for the gym.
Swinging in a hammock, reading a good book,
Maybe going for a hike and sitting by a brook.

That’s the beauty of a day of rest, especially the 4th of July.
But really one of the best parts has to be the PIE!

Now that you are hungry, here is a great article about pies across America: American pie: slicing across the country

Happy 4th of July!


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