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Finally Time to Trade in the Car: NPR’s Car Talk Comes to an End

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The New York Times reported today that, after 35 years of broadcasting episodes of Car Talk, the hilarious Magliozzi brothers will be retiring.

Just writing about Car Talk makes me smile. For years, these brothers have made millions of people laugh, as they diagnose car problems based on owners’ descriptions of the issue. These descriptions frequently include attempts to reproduce the sounds that the car is making, which is usually highly comical in and of itself.

But these funny men also know cars. The program is a great mix of education and hilarity. I have missed many of their shows and will likely be able to listen to rebroadcasts for years. But this announcement does feel a bit like the end of an era.

The success of this particular program is amazing to me in some ways. Who would guess that a show about auto repair would capture the hearts and minds of millions of listeners?

I am sure that some of the success comes from the simple fact that it seemed as if the brothers were having an absolute blast every minute, making themselves laugh at least as much as they were making us laugh. Perhaps that is the key to success – do what you love and enjoy every minute of it.

What do you think? Have you listened to the Car Talk program? Does this program bring back any memories for you? What do you think has led to the success of this program? Are there other NPR programs that you enjoy as much? What was your favorite part of the program?


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