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Travel Theme: Secret Places

Copyright JC Politi Photography

This week, Where’s My Backpack’s Travel Challenge post includes an enchanting description of a secret place in Times Square in New York City, where, simply by standing in the right place on top of the subway grates, people are serenaded by a symphony of bells and tonal sounds, which drowns out the noise of the city and creates a “secret peaceful island in the middle of a sea of chaos.” Please go check out her story – I dare you not to want to visit this secret space in New York City!

Copyright JC Politi Photography

When I thought about this travel challenge, I was immediately transported to one of my favorite places on earth – Patagonia, Argentina. Hundreds of miles down a dirt road, on our way to Villa Pehuenia, exhausted after hours and hours of driving, we were awestruck when we came upon the magnificent area in these photos.

As I thought more about this challenge, a song that we used to sing in Girl Scout Camp kept coming into mind. I have not thought of this song in over 25 years, but I loved the song then, and it still resonates with me. In fact, I think the song is even more special now, as I understand the words better than when I was younger.

I know a place where no one ever goes
There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose
It’s hidden in a valley beside a mountain stream
And lying there beside it
I find that I can dream
Only of things of beauty to the eyes;
Snow-capped mountains rising to the sky.
Now I know that God made this place for me
For me, God made this place for me.
One can imagine herself as in a dream
Climbing up a mountain or down a small ravine
The magic of the peace and quiet ever shall stay
To make this place a haven every day
Oh how I wish I never had to leave
All my life such Beauty to receive
Now I know that God had made this place for me,
Oh yes, for me.  



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