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Pies Across America: Happy Fourth of July!

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Today is the day; the day is finally here,
Time for grilled brats, and burgers and beer.
Running through sprinklers could be fun,
Especially when the thermometer reads one hundred and one!

A day to celebrate the independence of our nation,
But for most, just a much-needed vacation.
The middle of the summer when days are long,
The Star Spangled Banner sings an old familiar song.

Copyright JC Politi Photography

Laughing with friends, going for a swim,
Eating and drinking too much, the next day’s for the gym.
Swinging in a hammock, reading a good book,
Maybe going for a hike and sitting by a brook.

That’s the beauty of a day of rest, especially the 4th of July.
But really one of the best parts has to be the PIE!

Now that you are hungry, here is a great article about pies across America: American pie: slicing across the country

Happy 4th of July!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This is a little off-topic, since I usually write about the news of the day, but WordPress has a fun weekly photo challenge and I would like to start taking part. For those who do not know, while I love writing, photography is actually my first and deepest love. Besides, eventually I have to learn how to post images on my blog so I can try to make it a little more visually interesting for my many readers. 🙂

With that in mind, I am going to post one or two of my photos which make me think of summer and today, one of my recent poems to accompany the photos. I have been so inspired by my fellow bloggers that I am starting to finally feel comfortable putting some of my more creative writing out there – so thank you all for the inspiration and encouragement!

For those looking for news of the day, I promise to get back to that tomorrow. But for the day before a long weekend, here goes…


Lawnmowers in the distance
giggling children from afar

Planes flying overhead
memories of sunny days at the shore

Time for a bike ride
the smell of spring flowers

Wishing for a real summer break
where I could while away the hours

Swimming, hiking, camping
with sunscreen my only worry

Somehow, in summer
there is much less need to hurry

Pretty summer dresses
hemlines above the knees

Sitting on the back porch
hoping for a breeze

To blow me into Fall
which has its beauty too

And snowy winters,
lead to Spring when everything is new

Have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend!


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