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THANK YOUs and Appreciation! An Embarassment of Riches

I am in absolute awe of the support and encouragement I have received from the blogging community since starting this blog. In the last two weeks, I have received 4 more recognitions from my peers! I honestly cannot believe it and can’t thank the people who nominated me enough for their support.

There are rules for all of these awards, but I may do a hybrid here.

Last week, Gina’s Professions for Peace nominated me for both the Inspiring Blogger Award and the Thanks for Writing Award. You should check out Gina’s blog – it is always interesting and engaging. On her “about” page, she writes “It is my intention to offer thought-provoking ideas that foster joy, hope, and inspiration.” I would say that she succeeds in this on a daily basis.

Midnight Coffee Monster nominated me today for the One Lovely Blog Award. This blog offers interesting book reviews and other insights.

Jensinewall, who I have nominated in the past for at least one award, because I love her writing, nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She describes herself as “a writer, designer and creative thinker living and working in Dublin.” And this week, she showed us that she also has skills with a camera, so I am even more impressed by this Jane of All Trades!

Thank you so much to all three of you for your thoughtful recognition of my feeble attempts to generate conversation.

I am not sure what the rules are for all of these awards, but most of them ask for a few interesting tidbits about me. So here goes: I love to go to antique stores and second hand stores to see what treasures I might find there, I have to fight against my laziness sometimes to get out the door to exercise, my first best friend went to Togo, Africa with her parents in the Peace Corps when we were about 7 years old and ever since I have wanted to do the Peace Corps, I miss Baltimore crabs in the summer, I love libraries and used book stores and hope books never go out of style.

Some blogs I have really enjoyed lately, many of which I have mentioned in previous awards speeches 🙂

Goss Coaching: This is a new blog that I feel that I cannot live without. The author offers short wellness tips and helpful longer blog posts about personal development and balance. I can’t get enough of this one.



Musings of an Old Fart

Talk to Diana

Carr Party of Five

Salty Political Musings

Raising the Curtain

Where’s My Backpack

Waiting for the Karma Truck


The Healthy Warrior

I would like to nominate each of these blogs for each of these awards, since I think they are simply the best! Thank you again to all of the thoughtful bloggers who nominated me for these awards and to all of my readers! Let’s keep the conversation going!


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